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“I love my job. I just love it!”

February 1, 2019
Meet the winner of the 2018 OLTCA PSW Leadership Award

Memories from 2018

January 25, 2019
2018 was filled with so many magical moments. Enjoy this video filled with our favourite memories.

A year in photos at Island View

December 17, 2018

Take a look at some of the fun things that went on at Island View Retirement Residence this year.

Baking up traditions at Kensington Place

December 10, 2018
Each month, residents at Kensington Place take the time to enjoy the cultural tradition of baking challah bread.

A Christmas card for her

December 3, 2018
Despite his overwhelming talent, “Are you joking? No,” was Silvano’s response when asked if he’d ever been to art school. So how did he develop his talent? The answer will surprise you.

The D-Day Survivor

November 11, 2018
During the D-Day invasions, The Queen’s Own Rifles suffered more casualties than any other battalion, but as Ivor always says, “Once in the Queen’s Own, Always in the Queen’s Own.” 

A Prisoner of War

November 10, 2018
As a prisoner of war in a Nazi concentration camp, when Vitaliano heard the Americans were coming he managed to escape. How did he survive? Read on and find out!

One of the lucky ones

November 9, 2018
As WWII raged on in Russia, the blistering winter cold proved to be as formidable an enemy as the Nazis.

A woman in the Royal British Air Force

November 8, 2018
100-year-old Winnifred Grant looks back on her time in the Royal British Air Force during WWII.

After the surrender

November 7, 2018
After Italy’s surrender, Armando and his fellow soldiers found themselves at the mercy of Nazi Germany.

An interesting life

November 6, 2018

“I have some strong views about war,” said George Carlyle, WWII veteran. From exploding artillery to stepping in as best man at a wedding, George has seen just about everything.

The sweetest sound I ever heard

November 5, 2018
Thomas Keen spent over 10 months fighting continuously in north-west Europe during WWII. This is his story. 

A Jamaican woman serving in the British Army

November 1, 2018
Lance Corporal Winifred Watson set sail from Jamaica with 23 other women for the shores of Britain and WWII. Her story is a must read.

Halloween Haunt

October 31, 2018

Halloween came to Heatherwood Retirement Residence with a spook-tastic twist!

Kensington Court music video for "I Lived"

October 25, 2018
Residents and team members at Kensington Court Retirement Residence had a lot of fun putting together this music video for One Republic's hit song "I Lived".

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