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The Ultimate Senior Living Guide

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Looking for myself

Debunking common retirement home myths

Is it true? Discover the top 11 most common myths about retirement homes. Some of them may surprise you!
Looking for myself

Tour Checklist

Get our expert’s advice on the top things you should consider during your tour. Then, compare your senior living options and ensure you get the information you need using our free tour checklist.
Looking for myself

Take charge of your heart health with the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Learn how to protect yourself from heart disease and stroke and what to do if someone is having a health emergency in the webinar recording presented with the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
Moving Tips

Do retirement homes allow pets?

Your pet has been your loyal companion for many years, it’s like family. The good news is that there are retirement residences that welcome pets, letting you keep your best friend at your side.
Moving Tips

6 Tips for moving into a senior living community with your pet

You’ve found your new home, now you want to make sure your pet loves it as much as you do. These 6 tips will help ensure you both have a smooth transition.
Moving Tips

Hear from an expert in seniors’ downsizing

Author Margo Salnek, a 15-year expert in seniors’ downsizing and the CEO and founder of Move Seniors Lovingly, gives practical advice for seniors and their families who are downsizing.

Discover your perfect pet-friendly retirement community

You want to find the best home for you and your pet. But what should you look for in a pet-friendly retirement community?
Moving Tips

5 tips to make the most of retirement living

So you moved into a senior living residence, now what? Make the most of your new home with these 5 tips!
Looking for a loved one

For loved ones: Discussing senior living

If you have some concerns about your parent or loved one continuing to live on their own, this guide will help you have an open, meaningful, and non-confrontational conversation.

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