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Island Park Retirement Residence

100 years woven into history

Clayton is proud to still own a carpet he helped make in honour of Canada’s centennial year.
Giving Back

The spirit of Tai Chi lives at Island Park

Diana, a team member at Island Park Retirement Residence, has been coming in on her days off to teach free Tai Chi classes to residents for 5 years.
Giving Back

Milk bags into mattresses: Spreading the warmth at Island Park

Island Park Retirement Residence recently partnered with a local volunteer to turn milk bags into mattresses for people in need.
Giving Back

We are Santa’s elves

The residents’ committee at Island Park Retirement Residence spread some Holiday cheer by sponsoring a local family in need.
Innovative Programs

You’ve got mail

Island Park Retirement Residence’s first dive into the Cyber Seniors program was a hit.
Innovative Programs

Could you go a round with Chick Norris?

One of many chicks brought to Island Park as part of their critter visits event, had finally broken free from its shell.
Innovative Programs

What Would You Like to Do, if You Knew You Could Not Fail?

At Island Park Retirement Residence recently, one resident, Jean Taylor, ended up fulfilling a long-awaited dream to go on a horse and cutter ride again.

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