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Wii love bowling!

The Sienna Wii Bowling Tournament is held twice a year by the retirement residences in British Columbia.
Love Stories

10,000 photos covering 48 years of marriage and adventure together

Sharon and Don recently renewed their wedding vows at Peninsula Retirement Residence. But how does a couple stay married for 48 years?
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So happy together

The warmth of human connection is about more than building a happy home. For our residences in B.C., that means coming together whenever possible.
Innovative Programs

One Thousand Years Strong

Heavily scarred, the trunk is so wide that 11 people could not wrap their arms around it. It is the truest symbol of this 1,000-year-old Douglas fir tree’s age.
Veteran Stories

A little right rudder

As one of the last remaining Lancaster Bomber pilots still breathing, this tale should be most unique.
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Chick this out

Residents and staff visited the incubator often, and a few residents pulled up chairs and waited for the chicks to hatch.
Peninsula Retirement Residence

Colouring the world happy

The art show, which happened in April at Peninsula, was a huge success, with residents and staff stopping in to enjoy Celia’s work.
Innovative Programs

Residents Get a Surprise Treat at Super Bowl Party

Two football players from the BC Lions joined residents, families and team members for the Super Bowl 50 party.

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