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What’s the secret to designing outstanding costumes for TV and film? This two-time Genie winner has an answer!

Find inspiration in the life of Olga Dimitrov, a two-time Genie winner for costume design in film, who designed for stars such as Donald Sutherland.
Giving Back

Taking home the gold

Hear from the resident champions of the Sienna Summer Games as they explain what it’s like to come together with peers to compete and raise money for seniors in need in their local community.
Innovative Programs

Directors of Care at Sienna up their game

The Director of Care Clinical Leadership program at York University is opening up a new avenue of post-graduate learning for nursing leaders.
Stories from our Team

‘The little things I do make somebody happy,’ Vanessa Romero, winner of the Nursing Senior Leadership Award.

Vanessa Romero won the Nursing Senior Leadership Award through the Ontario Long-Term Care Association. But she didn’t always want to be a nurse…
Innovative Programs

Learn the secret of Bloomington Cove’s success in winning the 2016 Home of the Year Award from the OLTCA

Bloomington Cove Care Community won the Home of the Year Award from the Ontario Long-Term Care Association for their Person-Centred-Care approach.
Innovative Programs

Reinventing the menu

Altamont Care Community in West Hill won the Sienna Cake Challenge, earning themselves a desert catered by Sara Lee.
Innovative Programs

It Has Changed Them Forever

Lifestyle Consultant at Cedarvale Lodge Retirement Residence in Keswick, was nominated for the 2016 Change our World Community Award by Douglas Hickey.
Innovative Programs

Innovative Residents’ Council Wins Award

Silverthorn Care Community recently became one of three winners in the Share Your Story contest run by the Ontario Association of Residents’ Council.
Innovative Programs

Sienna Senior Living Recognized for Bridging the Gap Between Seniors and Technology

Sienna Senior Living received the 2015 Quality Improvement and Innovation Award for its Cyber-Seniors program.

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