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Finding the perfect match at 100

100-year-old Bill and 102-year-old Betty met five years ago at the dining room table. Today, they live together. Their deep connection and respect for each other will inspire you.

100 Years, 7,000 Kilometres, 1 War

100-year-old Donato grew up in the Italian countryside, where he worked making charcoal, picking olives, found love, and went to war.

What’s the secret to long life? 100-year-old Catherine has an answer

Catherine isn’t going to let anything stop her from getting what she wants.

104-year-old Don has ‘more life than most 25 year olds’

Don recently celebrated his 104th birthday with friends, family, and a surprise 103-year-old guest.

What’s this 108-year-old’s secret? Never give up.

Margaret Cruickshank is 108 years old, but she’s not going to let that stop her from doing anything.

Harmony Hills' Supercentenarian Leads a Disciplined Life

Elizabeth Kimoff, a resident in Harmony Hill Care Community is one of the oldest living supercentenarians in Canada.

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