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Finding love at 100

Today, Bill and Betty are both over 100 years old. Their love story will inspire you.
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She said ‘Yes’ to marriage proposal at Masonville Manor

They didn’t meet at Masonville, but their love of seniors certainly helped bring them together.
Doon Village Retirement Residence

Wedding bells ring at Doon Village Retirement Residence

A story that proves loves can find you at any time, no matter how old you are.

Finding the perfect match at 100

100-year-old Bill and 102-year-old Betty met five years ago at the dining room table. Today, they live together. Their deep connection and respect for each other will inspire you.
Love Stories

65 years together

Learn the secrets to long-lasting relationships from couples who have kept their love on for decades. Be inspired by their stories.
Love Stories

Celebrating 73 years of marriage, life, and laughter

Gord and Margaret have been together since they were teenagers. Today they’re in their 90s, and while a lot has changed, their love has not.
Love Stories

10,000 photos covering 48 years of marriage and adventure together

Sharon and Don recently renewed their wedding vows at Peninsula Retirement Residence. But how does a couple stay married for 48 years?
Veteran Stories

Finding happily ever after

In the fall of 1944, the hum of a single airplane broke their serenity as it streaked across the sky.
Veteran Stories

35 years on the ground

The siren wailed, breaking the night’s calm. Quartermaster Sergeant John Stringer assembled with the rest of the crew.

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