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Continuing Life’s Passions

Giovanna, a resident at Villa Da Vinci Retirement Residence, has been cooking since she was 12 years old. Her demonstrations and tastings always draw a crowd.
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The Sailor Who Couldn’t Swim

Staring up at the bottom of the ship, which floated 50 feet above him, Leading Seaman Bernie Heasler really wished he knew how to swim.
Veteran Stories

When Hell Freezes Over

Sitting as an air gunner on a bombing plane in WWII, it was not uncommon for the open air turrets to reach -40 degrees Celsius. To make matters worse, it was impossible to go use the washroom on these 8-hour flights.
Veteran Stories

In the Desert

During the cold war, Ronald ferried supplies through the desert between Egypt and Israel. For him, Remembrance Day is an important reminder of all the freedoms we have today.
Innovative Programs

Happy Halloween

Residents and team members had a spook-tastic time celebrating Halloween
Innovative Programs

The Horse Whisperer

Bill Hopkins spent his entire life around horses. His wish was to be around them again, and thanks to the Warminster Horse Sanctuary, it’s a dream that came true.
Awards & Achievements

Silverthorn Care Community Nurse Recognized for Nursing Leadership

Learn how Orpha Macasa’s focus on quality, coupled with her incredible leadership skills, transformed the culture of care for her community.
Awards & Achievements

Executive Director’s passion for dementia care recognized by OLTCA

Janet leads the way in transformational leadership, for her team and for the sector.
Awards & Achievements

Granite Ridge PSW Honoured with OLTCA Leadership Award

Learn about the passion and commitment to excellence Isma brings to her role as a PSW every day.

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