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104-year-old Don has ‘more life than most 25 year olds’

Don recently celebrated his 104th birthday with friends, family, and a surprise 103-year-old guest.
Innovative Programs

Wii love bowling!

The Sienna Wii Bowling Tournament is held twice a year by the retirement residences in British Columbia.
Innovative Programs

So happy together

The warmth of human connection is about more than building a happy home. For our residences in B.C., that means coming together whenever possible.
Giving Back

77-year-old Sandra started a charity for homeless seniors

You know you’re well liked when the dishwasher signs a petition to name you resident of the year.
Innovative Programs

There’s a Waiting List to Enjoy Breakfast Here

Michael Traquair, General Manager of Astoria Retirement Residence and a certified Red Seal Chef, sets one morning aside every month to cook breakfast for a few residents.

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