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Verna’s dream of attending university has finally come true

Look inside and watch the inspiring story of Verna’s life-long dream to study art.
Inspirational Life

The Lady in the Tower

Inge Wells was the first woman in Ontario to work in a fire tower, which stand 100-feet off the ground and surveyed the surrounding forests for fires.
Volunteer Stories

Word of God through jokes, card tricks, stories and laughter

Tom Watson and his wife, Kristiina, have been doing non-denominational services at Royale Place Retirement Residence for 8 years.
Veteran Stories

This side of the ocean

By 1944 World War II was more than half over, Bernice was only 18 when she signed up for the army.
Innovative Programs

After 10 years, Ted is finally back on the dance floor

It is one of the first times Ted Phillips has danced in nearly 10 years.
Inspirational Life

Royale Place residents sing from the same hymn sheet

A small group of interested residents came together in February 2015, and have been meeting on a biweekly basis and growing in size ever since.

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