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Giving Back

The Sienna Summer Games

Together, anything is possible. Five communities came together for the Sienna Summer Games, which raised money for local seniors in need.
Stories from our Team

Nearly 100 years of service

Mark and Judith have both worked at Rockcliffe Care Community for over 40 years, and they may even be the longest-serving team members at Sienna.
Stories from our Team

After 10 years in a drawer, this children’s book is finally for sale

Charlotte gifted her two cats, Sparkie and Raider, eternal life by writing a children’s book inspired by their many adventures.
Giving Back

Fieldstone plays Santa for a local women’s shelter

Team members at Fieldstone Commons Care Community brought a little cheer to women and their children at a local women’s shelter.
Innovative Programs

Reinventing the menu

Altamont Care Community in West Hill won the Sienna Cake Challenge, earning themselves a desert catered by Sara Lee.
Innovative Programs

Art: A family affair

Art Escape is a painting focused event that started at Fountain View about a year ago.
Milestone Stories

Family is forever

Today, it’s clear that the people who call Altamont home will always be able to count on one thing: each other.
Inspirational Life

He was a poet, but he didn’t know it

A published poet, Ian Bruce has written more poems than he knows what to do with—and he only began writing them last summer.

Harmony Hills' Supercentenarian Leads a Disciplined Life

Elizabeth Kimoff, a resident in Harmony Hill Care Community is one of the oldest living supercentenarians in Canada.

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