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Baking up traditions at Kensington Place

Each month, residents at Kensington Place take the time to enjoy the cultural tradition of baking challah bread.
Giving Back

The Sienna Summer Games

Together, anything is possible. Five communities came together for the Sienna Summer Games, which raised money for local seniors in need.
Innovative Programs

A farmer’s life for me

Residents and team members at St. George Care Community took a mini vacation, getting some fresh night air on a farm.

What happens when seniors become pen pals with 11-year-olds?

Grade 5 students and seniors at Weston Terrace Care Community finally meet after 6 months of exchanging letters.
Harmony Hills Care Community


Bob Palm is a talented poet residing at Harmony Hills Care Community, who was kind enough to share his poem “Canada” in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday.
Stories from our Team

After 10 years in a drawer, this children’s book is finally for sale

Charlotte gifted her two cats, Sparkie and Raider, eternal life by writing a children’s book inspired by their many adventures.
Innovative Programs

Eye on the prize

The Olympic Games came to Cheltenham in a whirlwind of volleyball games, 100-metre dashes and javelin throws.
Innovative Programs

Art: A family affair

Art Escape is a painting focused event that started at Fountain View about a year ago.
Innovative Programs

Residents get quality face time at portrait studio

On January 21, the unveiling‎ of fifty resident portraits went on exhibition in the Rockcliffe Care Community dining room.

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