A Family Tree in the Heart of Our Home


The branches reach up and away, grasping at memories of the past and the possibilities of the future.

gallery wallA family tree is all about connections. Connecting the past to the present, to the future. Lincoln Park Retirement Residence, in Grimsby, now has such a tree painted on a wall in the lobby and laden with pictures representing the past and present of Grimsby. The Gallery Wall was unveiled during Lincoln Park’s open house on April 23rd, and was put together with the help of local Historian Dorothy Turcotte; Bryan Macauley from Village Photography, who took photos of Lincoln Park residents; and Grace Cowling, a local artist and resident, who donated a drawing of a Meadow Lark, a type of bird known to gather on the residence’s property.

“Each of these pictures will have pride of place on the tree design in our lobby. It will be the centrepiece of our lobby and will be an opportunity for all who walk through our doors to see the pictures of those we care about and the history of our great town,” said Cheryl Janssen, General Manager of the retirement home in Grimsby.

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